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Kahuranaki Marae is situated in a rural Maori settlement at Te Hauke and is located approximately 18 kilometres south of Hastings on State Highway 2.


The Marae has a venue that can seat up to 120 people in the wharekai and approximately 100 people in the wharenui. 


Marae Hireage Conditions


All whanau who book the marae must abide by the Kahuranaki Marae Tikanga (Values) that are stipulated in the Charter.  These values include but are not limited to the following;


Tikanga - Customs

The tikanga for this marae is from Te Rangikoianake, Te Whatuiapiti and Ngati Kahungunu.

These tikanga can be interpreted in many ways but for the purposes of using the Kahuranaki Marae facilities, the following should be understood.


  1. Rangatiratanga- Respect everything on the marae because it is the whanau, hapu and taonga.  The appointed Trustees have the ultimate legal responsibility for the activities conducted on this marae.  Appreciate what you have and you have chosen to represent your whanau by accepting the keys.

  2. Wairuatanga- Spirituality is the essence of being at the marae.  Karakia, tapu and noa

are inherent elements of usage.  Have a Kaumatua/someone to advise you in this area.

  1. Whanaungatanga- Relationships bound in history and blood. Ensure the whanau understand the tikanga and kawa of our marae.  You are expected to keep clean and maintain the facilities during use. 

  2. Manaakitanga- Hospitality and caring within your means.  Your quests should be aware of the tikanga and kawa of our marae.  Reciprocity drives how and what assistance your whanau will receive. 

  3. Kotahitanga- Unity of purpose and being aware of all the marae stands for.


 Kawa - Etiquette 

These kawa will ensure the marae is operated safely and within the realms of accepted behaviour.  The kawa and tikanga are the basis of an agreement between the Kahuranaki Marae Trustees/Committee and the Whanau using the Marae facilities.  A specific whanau representative will be expected to sign for the keys on the basis that the kawa is understood and will be upheld by the whanau.  Once the form is signed then the keys will be handed over.


 Te Tautoko - Support


  • Booking the Marae:  Contact the booking officer via email on   Your request will provide dates of the booking and kaupapa.  You will be notified if your booking has been accepted/declined.  This information will then be forwarded to the Trustees for approval if it falls outside their monthly hui.


Te Utu - Cost

  • Booking fee:  A booking fee of $50 must be paid to the Marae to confirm booking, within one week of email confirmation.  This will secure your dates.  This fee is refundable only in the event of a Tangi.


  • Full Marae hire for whanau groups is $200.00 (gst incl) per 24 hours OR $350.00 for Corporate Groups.   That gives the whanau access to cooking, eating, washing and sleeping facilities. 


  • Part hire is $50 per hour.  Where accommodation or the full marae facilities are not required, an hourly rate of $50 shall prevail. 


  • Please note that a koha being placed on the marae atea following a powhiri is separate from the hireage fee and booking fee.


  • There is a roaster and a high pressure gas system that you have the option of using.  You must supply your own gas bottle for the roaster and the outside gas cooker, a bottle is available.  The internal gas cookers are connected to the main gas so the choice is yours.   Please also note that these bottles (main) must not be tampered with or removed.



Marae hireage fees can be sent to the Treasurer, Te Hauke- Kahuranaki Marae Committee, PO Box 2034, Stortford Lodge, Hastings or paid through bank deposit into our account which is

ANZ, Hastings; 010646-0020801-00 – Kahuranaki/Te Hauke Marae



Te Wharenui - Kahuranaki

 ·       Your whanau must arrange for Kaumatua assistance - if you do not know, then ask.

·       No photographs are to be removed from the marae or hung in the whare.

·       You must set up the wharenui according to the Kaupapa of the hui.  If you do not know, then ask.  The wharenui is to be vacuumed with mattresses and pillows stacked neat and tidy – refer to placement instructions at doorway.

·       Marae sheets and pillowcases are to be dry cleaned or laundered, ironed and returned to the Marae.  This is at your expense.

·       The flag is to be raised for all hui and guidance should be sought from kaumatua.


Te Wharekai - Te Whakaahu

 ·       Tables to be stacked neatly on inside left of main door heading out to Wharenui (refer to placement instructions situated around the wharekai).

·       Seats to be stacked neatly on inside right of main door heading out to Wharenui (refer to placement instructions).

·       Please ensure that crockery and cutlery have been returned to their rightful storage areas.  Fridges in back storage room must be washed and cleaned out.  The doors are to be left slightly ajar upon leaving.

·       The wharekai should be swept and mopped on departure.


Please report when a breakage occurs so that it can be replaced!


Te Kauta- Te Rau Aroha

 ·       Please ensure chiller is cleaned out and washed.  The chiller door is to be left open upon leaving

·       All pots are scrubbed inside and out and are free of all black marks

·       Pots to be returned to their correct storage place and stacked tidily.

·       Kauta (includes outside area) should be disinfected and hosed at the end of your stay


Ablution Block

 ·       Please keep clean and tidy during your stay

·       Dispose of all rubbish on your departure

·       Sweep out (brooms solely for ablutions), clean and disinfect entire ablution area upon leaving

·       Brooms/mops are to be thoroughly cleaned, hung and returned to their designated area.


It is also your responsibility to remove all rubbish from the Marae complex, upon departure.


Under NO circumstances are any items to be removed from the Marae.


Thanks! Message sent.

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